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What We Do

CopsForKids has been working to foster better relationships between the police and our community for several years now.

Sgt. Jeremy March and his crew have left an impact on hundreds of children through their efforts, allowing our children and their families to see that our police are there to serve and that the negative standards often seen in the media are the exceptions not the rule.

CopsForKids’ purpose is to establish and maintain positive relationships between the police and families with children in our community. CopsForKids achieves this through giving our time, love, and knowledge to set a positive example that empowers kids to be safe, respectful, conscientious, law-abiding citizens.

We are a 501-c-3 non-profit organization, and 100% of funds go toward our mission statement. No salaries are taken, no funds are passed on to other organizations: every donation goes toward enriching the lives of children in our community through awesome activities and interactions with our local police.

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Mobile Cops For Kids Team

Jeremy March

Jeremy March was born in1972 at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS. and was raised in Mobile County. He served as a Youth Leader at his church for 22 years.

Sgt. March started in Law Enforcement with the Mobile Police Department in August of 1997. He has worked in several divisions within the department over the last 25 years. Because of his love and passion for dealing with kids, he was transferred to his current supervisory position with the Office of Strategic Initiatives in 2019.

Sgt. March has been helping kids in some shape, form or fashion his entire adult life and started the Cops For Kids Program in July of 2017. His goal is to build positive relationships between law enforcement officers, kids and their families within the community. He wants kids to respect officers and doesn’t want them to fear the police. He wants them to learn and understand that the police officers are here for them should they need them. Due to the communities overwhelming love and support for the program, Sgt. March made the decision to officially became a 501-c-3 non-profit organization in the summer of 2019.

Randall Wheeler

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Randall graduated from Lillie B. Williamson High School, class of 2004. He is now the CEO and founder of Coastal Security taskforce. He has been nominated for the last 2 years at The Grind Awards for the highest service award and the Pinnacle Award. In his free time, he enjoys spend time with his brothers, Jeremy March and Brad Garlotte, with Cops For Kids. He enjoys spending time giving back to the community and giving kids things that he never had.

Brad Garotte

Brad Garlotte was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, attended Murphy High School and graduated in 2000. He Currently resides in Mobile with his wife, Jennifer, and children, Emma and Bradley. Brad works in the shipbuilding industry for Master Boat Builders Inc., in Coden, AL. He enjoys cooking, giving back to the community, all things car related and motorsports. “Being a part of Cops For Kids has been very rewarding for me, as we are building lasting relationships with children right here in our community. We get to be involved in their lives and spend quality time building trust and respect. We are proving that small interactions have big impacts. I believe in the mission this program represents – to invest in our children because they are our future.”