CopsForKids has been working to foster better relations between the police and our community for several years now.

Sgt. Jeremy March has impacted hundreds of children through his efforts, allowing our children and their families to see that our police are their to serve and that the negative standards often seen in the media are the exceptions not the rule.

CopsForKids’ purpose is to establish and maintain positive relationships between the police and families with children in our local community. CopsForKids achieves this through giving our time, love, and knowledge to set a positive example that empowers kids to be safe, respectful, conscientious, law-abiding citizens.

We are a 501-c-3 non-profit organization, and 100% of funds go toward our mission statement.  No salaries are taken, no funds are passed on to other organizations: every donation goes toward enriching the lives of children in our community through awesome activities and interactions with our local police.